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Happy 2019

As another year goes by and we usher in a new one 📯with new opportunities and new beginnings 🤩, I thank you for sharing our exciting journey 🙏🏻
You are the very soul of this amazing community collective SHENERGY.😍
New years tell us that it’s never too early or too late to be whoever you want to be. 😇
Would like to share a beautiful thought I came across ….
I hope that you have a life you are happy with and proud of and if you find that you are not, I pray you have the courage to start all over again.💃💪🏻
With this thought we wish the entire beautiful Shenergy family a very prosperous new year 🎉
We implore you to walk with us as we embark on yet another journey. @2019 , and hope you will be a part of the shenergy team in this new innings too.🎊🙏🏻😊

I need not have worried a wink. The site has barely gone live and here I am inundated with a deluge of helping hands, friends, strangers, everyone believing in the idea, making it happen. Women from all walks of life and social classes, angels appearing out of nowhere pooling in resources, time , energy and synergizing to get it all together, their enthusiasm commendable.

But the greatest achievement is not that I have finally managed to translate my idea into a throbbing reality but the fact that every woman every participant feels that shenergy belongs to them and they to shenergy. And that is the beauty and strength of this collective that is slowly connecting the dots.

The beginning…….

Tip Of The Day

Healthy Tip Of The Week By Nutritionist Reema

Artificial trans fats are harmful, man-made fats.

Trans fats #raise your bad (LDL) #cholesterol levels and #lower your good (HDL) #cholesterol levels.

Eating trans fats #increases your #risk of developing #inflammation, #heart disease and #stroke.

It’s also associated with a higher risk of developing Type2 Diabetes.

Healthy Tip Of The Week By Ayesha Pathan

HAVE A HEALTHY BACK (Sitting Postures):

👍Feet should touch the floor or be supported.
👍Keep knees & hips level.
👍Sit up to keep spine straight.
👍Look straight without neck strain.
👍Adjust your chair’s lumbar and armrests.
👍Keep screen / monitor at arms’ length.
👍Position monitor & document holders even or slightly below line of sight

Healthy Tip Of The Week By Rohini Diniz

Healthy Eating TIP for Frequent Travellers!

If you’re on a diet and have to travel frequently due to work or other commitments, there are a few simple tricks and hacks to stick to your diet plans.

Eat almost the SAME quantity of food as you would do at HOME. Avoid large or JUMBO portions of food.

Healthy Tip Of The Week By Ayesha Pathan

For many men, a common cause is sitting on your wallet. Carrying a wallet in your back pocket distorts your posture, causing your spine to be out of alignment. It also puts pressure on your piriformis muscle which aggravates the sciatic nerve and can lead to sciatica.

A Foot Reflex Therapy is a good start of Week!

Healthy Tip Of The Day By Rohini Diniz

Do not reheat and reuse the oil used for deep frying. Very high temperatures causes oil to break down into toxic compounds that are irritating to the digestive system and possibly cancer causing. There is also the production of trans-fatty acids in the oils which are detrimental to the heart.

To avoid wastage of oil, after deep frying the leftover oil can be strained and used for seasoning (bagar) or shallow frying.

Healthy Tip Of The Day By Rohini Diniz

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of the amino acid tryptophan which within the body gets converted in the body into serotonin, the “relaxing hormone” and melatonin, the “sleep hormone.” Having a few pumpkin seeds before bed, with a small amount of carbohydrates such as a piece of fruit, may be beneficial in providing your body with the tryptophan needed for melatonin production which helps one get good sleep.

Healthy Tip Of The Day By Rohini Diniz

Nuts are a tasty and satisfying food. Eating a handful of nuts as a substitute for less healthy foods such as biscuits, cakes, wafers, chocolates etc. is a good way to boost your nutrient quotient.

Healthy Tip Of The Day By Rohini Diniz

Dark green leafy vegetables are great sources of nutrition. They are high in fibre and low in calories and are rich sources of beta carotene, vitamin C, folic acid, riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin K, iron and calcium. Eat Dark Green Leafy vegetables at least thrice a week for good health.

Healthy Tip Of The Day By Rohini Diniz

This summer stay cool with traditional Indian sherbets such as Nimbu pani, kokum squash, aam panna, bael ka sherbet, khus khus ka sherbet, shikanji etc instead of carbonated soft drinks and fruit flavoured beverages. These beverages have a high water content and inherent cooling properties that not only quench thirst but also provide vitamin C, sodium and potassium and help maintain the water and electrolyte balance of the body.

Tip Of The Day By Pooja


Mix nutmeg with honey and milk. Apply it
on your face. After 30 minutes, rinse off
with cold water and pat dry


Mix gram flour with yogurt and turmeric
to make a smooth paste. Now apply this
paste on your face and neck for half an hour.


Mix pure aloe vera gel, honey and coconut oil.
Apply the mixture and leave it on half an hour
and then wash it off with lukewarm water.


Mash one banana and add in little honey.
Apply the mask evenly on the face and
leave it on for 30 minutes.


Grate a raw potato finely and then add
powdered oats and honey to it. Mix well
and apply it for 30 mins.

Tip of the week by Kanan Tandi – Body Language Expert

When you stand, you literally rise to the occasion of showing respect to a newcomer. This rule pertains to any social situation, whether you’re drinking at a bar with friends, dining out in a business meeting, welcoming relatives at home for a holiday meal, or seeing your date enter the bar or restaurant where you’re sitting. With the changing roles of women in the workplace, this area of over the years to include all genders.

Tip of the week by Pooja Singh Rajput

Beat the HEAT. Must wear Sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays. UV rays are the main cause of pigments, dark spots and tanning. So never leave the house without a sunscreen.

Tip of the week by Anupama Conso – Past Life Regression Therapist

The element of Fire is very predominant in this coming week . Hence ,it will be filled with activity both mental and physical . Its Important to find balance, take some time out .

The card Indicates that this is the time to hold on to that which matter to you irrespective of things going wrong . There may be times you feel your the only one on your side .

Such a time as this,it will help you to practice meditation and stay in silence , irrespective of what you want someone else to hear, as indicated weigh your options and responses .Take time to make your decisions , spend more time with loved ones Go for a nature walk, get some exercise swim or run .

Healthy Tip Of The Day By Rohini Diniz

Eat citrus fruits along with the white membrane surrounding the segments after peeling the bitter outer rind. Besides being rich in fibre, the white membrane of citrus fruits, contain bioflavonoids which has been shown to enhance the action of vitamin C in providing a powerful defense against oxidative stress. They have also been shown to be powerful anti inflammatory agents which have beneficial effects on capillary permeability and blood flow.

Healthy Tip Of The Day By Rohini Diniz

Here are some tips to add whole grains to your diet.

  • Swap white rice with brown rice or parboiled rice, white bread with whole wheat bread or chapattis. Include millets such as ragi, jowar, bajra, oats, buckwheat, amaranth, foxtail millet, barnyard millet etc in your diet.

  • Use rolled oats or crushed wheat bran to coat cutlets or fish instead of dry bread crumbs or rawa.

  • Experiment by substituting whole wheat (atta) or oat flour or barley flour for up to half of the flour in pancake, waffle, muffin or other flour-based recipes. When tweaking such recipes more leavening agent may need to be added

  • Read food labels carefully and look for the word ‘whole’ before the name of the cereal. For example whole wheat pasta or whole wheat bread.

Vaastu Tip OF The Week By Sharmila Nagwekar


Basically there are 8 directions in vastushastra i.e. East, West, North, South,
North-East, North-West, South-East & South-West.

But we have divided it into 16 to see more details and its effects. The other eight are North North East, East North East, East South East, South South East, South South West, West South West, West North West & North North West. today we will talk about East direction

For right connectivity & Social Associations your living room should be placed here. It is the area of successful meetings and connections. In case if there is negative on this part then there will be disturbance in your connections and associations.

Composing new music, Getting connected with big groups, big deals, political gathering, effective social networking are some of the things connected with East directions.

Beauty Tip By Pooja Singh Rajput

To get rid of pimples overnight use:
  1. Toothpaste
  2. Peppermint essential oils
  3. Lavender essential oils
  4. turmeric
  5. cinnamon and honey

As teenage kids are going through hormonal changes it is best to use Himalaya neem face wash instead soap on their face.

Vaastu Tip OF The Week By Sharmila Nagwekar

Very interesting topic : South -East Direction Do you know that vastu has meaning for all directions, really deep study and experience makes you to learn practical about this in detail. If we talk about the money flow as per vastu then just check whether your South-East is with no defects for smooth flow of cash may be through business, Property, for premises given on rent or any other such kind of activity which allows to flow money in for you.

South-East is the zone of fire. Roop(beauty), Tej( Aura and Personality) are all connected to fire. we can see this energy in two ways mostly, first is physical and other is with inner beauty. Fire itself present in energy body(Physical body), creates great appearance which gives much impact then beauty, and other is due to beautiful Aura(Tej) which creates impressive personality and is capable of great attraction no matter about the looks.

South-East also tells about securities, so the disturbance in South-East may lead to frequent accidents and insecurities, Auspicious ceremonies, marriage, delay in marriage, security agencies in government department i.e. Custom & Income tax Department are related to this direction, weak fire element can attract the attention of such departments. Confidence, Power and Zeal are related to this direction.

Healthy Tip Of The Day By Rohini Diniz

Water is the best zero calorie drink that one can have during summer that does not add calories to the diet like most other beverages do. It also helps prevent urinary tract infection which is very common among women.

Healthy Tip Of The Day By Rohini Diniz

Iron present in vegetarian foods is not very well absorbed in the body on its own. However its absorption from a meal can be enhanced by the presence of vitamin C rich foods. Guava, cashew apple, green leafy vegetables, yellow orange fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits like orange, sweet lime, torange, lime, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, strawberries, tomatoes, green chilly and capsicum are some of the excellent sources of vitamin C.

Healthy Tip Of The Day By Rohini Diniz

When it comes to choosing the right fat for cooking it is best to follow the traditional method of using a specific oil/fat for a specific recipe. Using coconut oil for frying fish, sesame oil for dry chutney powders, ghee for dal, and groundnut oil for deep frying ensures that the fatty acid requirements of the body are met.

Vaastu Tip OF The Day By Sharmila Nagwekar


As sleep is the most important part of our life it is important to know in which direction we should sleep and how it plays a role in getting good and peaceful sleep.

Head of the family: direction recommended is South West, it enhances relationships and skills.

After retirement : North East, it enhances clarity of mind towards spirituality.

Children : South, West or East. If lack of enthusiasm and energy is noticed then for specific time in South East.

For Guest room : North West.

The things surrounding the house also plays a major role like public places, wells, septic tank, crematorium, etc.

Leylines, underwater body below the bedroom and geopathic stress are some of the things which also are taken into considerations.
Water below bed should not be there, sleeping on or near water body is harmful.

Chanting mantras, Ringing bell, lighting inscence like sandlewood and rose,using dhoop, hanging good paintings are some of the things used to increase positive energy in that specific room.

Colour of bedroom and other things stored also plays a major role in difference in mood and conditions at that particular space.

Healthy Tip Of The Day By Rohini Diniz

Tips to Increase ones Calcium intake.

  • Try to include a nachni based product such as nachni satva or tizan, nachni bhakri or nachni flakes (a product similar to cornflakes) in your daily diet.

  • Eat a bowl of low fat curd with chopped fruit for a healthy dessert. Avoid commercial fruit yoghurts as they are often high in sugar.

  • Sprinkle roasted and coarsely pounded nuts like groundnuts and seeds like flaxseeds, melon seeds (magaz), sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds etc. over salads, porridges or to vegetable preparations or have them as dry chutney powders.

  • Knead the dough with milk instead of water.

  • Have ladoos or chikki prepared from sesame seeds (til) or rajgira for snacks instead of biscuits to assuage hunger pangs.


Our Featured Blogger


Dr. Rupa Batra

Dr.Rupa Batra, a picture of grace and poise ,an authority on Vaastu and the effect it has on our lives, a doting mother who exudes warmth and charm and who shines with inner beauty like ‘ Silver’ translated in Bengali.

Her name in Bengali means Silver or chaandi ,and she’s just as cool as the metal .Her name also means beauty or roop and once again she lives upto her name.

Dr Rupa Batra is a live example of how one can achieve dreams irrespective of thousand odds. She has added happiness, contentment and hope to the lives of lakhs of people by sharing with them the benefits of matching the energy of the house to the energy of that person.

She is a renowned name world over and her reward is to see satisfied clients.

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  • Shenergy the word itself makes you feel energised ...empowered & so was the event was wonderful to see all, the models and the organizers vibrant ...full of exuberance and positivity... Kudos to Mrs Dabral for organizing such a wonderful show...we hope to see this more often!!!

  • Shenergy has really raised its bar this time...From people behind the music to the makeup to the merchandise and of course our curator Sonu and her core team, Kudos to Sonu for keeping her cool and compassion both intact and executing this event so well... keep rocking. Thank you for making us look 👌@Kim Perriera and @Nimmy (Shilpa)

    Manisha Khanna
  • I think the Shenergy beauty and the feast was an energetic and enthusiastic participating event. The energy levels of the place were sky high and audience support exceeded my expectation. With every passing event I keep seeing how much we are growing as a community and what effect it has on the members. I'm glad I've been a part of this project from the beginning and will continue supporting and growing with this she energy ☺

    Nikita Jadhv
  • Thoroughly enjoyed being a part of "The Beauty and The Feast" to celebrate the real essence of womanhood irrespective of the different colour, size and backgrounds we come from. In these times, now more than ever, we need to support each other and together help each other rise. SHENERGY is a perfect example of precisely that!

    Linoshka De Souza
  • The Beauty and the Feast was one of its kind fashion show. Women of all age groups loved and enjoyed the event. It was a great platform for not just the designers but also the others like beauticians, Zumba group, the dance groups etc. It was amazing to watch the talent and energies in the women. I was happy to receive feedback and appreciation from a lot women about the tit bits that I gave during the show regarding “changing the stereotypes of beauty and self-acceptance" it came as a big sigh of relief for them! Kudos to Sonu Dabral for giving such a wonderful opportunity to all, hats off to her for the hard work, determination and her vision more over the self-less service she is giving to the Womankind ! Long live SHE-ENERGY

    Sandhya Kadam
  • The vibrant name Shenergy is in itself so empowering and energizing. The constant new updates of programs, contests, meets etc gives a woman the confidence that she is a part of a very big community - not only her hometown but nationally and internationally too. She is assured that she is not alone. It's a fantastic means of uplifting a woman's confidence, talent , business skills, social networking and overall value of being a WOMAN.. Bravo to the founder Sonu who has planted this seed with a belief that one day it will be not just a tree but a beautiful garden with all unique kinds of plants, flowers, bushes, trees - which are the women with all different talents and skills interacting together, helping each other and being a part of a overwhelming community. Rendering best wishes and blessings from my heart. Want to be a part of this garden for sure.

    Farzana Khan
    Farzana Khan
  • Shenergy is a wonderful portal connecting women from all facets of life for mutual growth (personal and professional). It was a perfect way to connect with so many ladies and I was amazed to see this huge talent pool we have. The portal offers an excellent platform for the amateur talent to showcase their skills and encourages them to take a leap further. Kudos to all the efforts of the founder and her team! Wish you all the best.

    Rachana Nabar
    Rachana Nabar Digital Marketeer

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