I walked into the room to find my son( 11) and daughter (16) sitting cross legged across each other on the bed. My son had tears in his eyes and the atmosphere was charged yet very somber. They were engaged in what seemed to be a very emotional conversation.

“Hey kya hua?” I asked puzzled.

Didi was just lecturing me about my samosa….the little boy replied wiping off his tears.

To give a brief background the school canteen in my son’s school makes wonderful samosas. And everyday when he comes back from school, we ask him if he could get it for us. And like the yesteryears hero who would return empty handed from the job interview he sighs and says, “ Aaj bhi nahi mila”

The boy is dejected. “ Maybe they get over by the time I  reach there. I ought to run and be the first one ..” he says hopefully.

“Listen bro..” And here is the sagacious advice the little sis gives her bro

“Remember – Your samosa is YOUR samosa”

“ People will jostle and push you in the queue,but remember it is YOUR samosa”

“ Sometimes it might fall on the ground and get dirty but don’t leave it , just dust it off for it is YOUR samosa!”

“ You will see delicious pastries and rum balls and egg rolls on the counter  but remember YOURS is the samosa. Don’t get distracted.”

Now my son is a passionate cricketer who only dreams and thinks and breathes cricket so the kids equated the samosa to his ambition!

I think children have a wonderful way of connecting and expressing emotions …who can think of a samosa for a pep talk?

But it also set me thinking “ What is they can’t get their samosas?  Should they continue struggling to get one or should they do the more practical thing- get the pastries instead ?”

What should we tell our kids? What would you advise?

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