Your double chin,
Your funny nose,
Your sweaty palms,
And your crooked toes;

The horror
Of your pimple flecked face,
Your three tummy rolls
And your lack of grace.

Your chest; too flat,
Your hideous tan,
Your disgusting lady mustache,
Hairy armpits like a man,

The stretch marks on your backside,
The dip in your hips,
The darkness of your knees,
And the dryness of your lips;

I will kiss every shortcoming,
I’ll worship every scar,
I’ll even write you poetry,
Offer validation by the hour.

And though you’ll never be tall enough,
Your waist, never small enough,
Your skin, never clear enough,
Your ass, never whole enough,

Hair, a bit too frizzy,
Thighs, a tad too thick,
Neck, ever so slightly darker,
And arms shaped like a stick,

Though, you won’t begin to see,
The appeal you actually hold-
You will never fully know;
But, if I may be so bold,

I will have you know
That, until you begin to see
Your own boundless beauty
You will believe that you’re an ugly girl.

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