Paneer cut into cubes of even sizes.

Mustard oil    (generous quantity for frying the paneer cubes ( optional) and then 2 tablespoons to cook .

Asafetida ( heeng)  a pinch

Cloves ( laung)  3

Green cardamom ( hari or choti elaichi)  3

Cinnamom stick ( daalchini)  1 stick

Bay leaf   ( tej patta)    1

Salt to taste

Turmeric (haldi)    2 teaspoons

Fennel powder ( saunf powder)    3 teaspoons

Dried ginger powder ( sonth)   1 teaspoon

Garam masala     1 and half teaspoon

Milk    1 and half cup.

Water    3-4 cups


  1. Cut the paneer block into cubes of equal sizes. Deep fry them. This step is optional. You can also use it in the raw form like I have done for this recipe.
  1. Heat about two tablespoons mustard oil in a cooker. You can use the leftover oil used for frying the paneer but it’s best to strain it first to remove any paneer residue. Allow the oil to cool a little or the spices you add to it might get burned.

Put the gas on sim and add all the spices, long (cloves),  tej patta (bay leaf )and daal chini (cinnamom stick ). Also add haldi, saunf ( fennel powder) and sonth ( dried ginger powder) to the mixture. Immediately add  one to two glasses of water to prevent the spices from burning.

Let it simmer for a short while.

  1. Now add salt and the paneer cubes one by one . Boil it for a while till the mixture reduces.
  1. Now add the milk slowly . Let the mixture boil till it starts thickening. Stir in between, careful not to break or crush the paneer. (I normally shake the cooker from time to time instead of stirring)

Add the cardamom ( choti elaichi) and the garam masala. Give it a couple of boils and take it off the gas stove.

The delightful yellow paneer is ready to tickle your taste buds.

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