First walls – the walls of the womb,
First halls – the halls of the hospital,
First falls – the falls through the tomb
that the ultrasound machine creates
within seconds – murder on the pedestal
of misogyny, a massacre whose tyranny
has left a trail of blood through history,
a monster whose vehemence is no mystery:
They say the world does not need feminism!

Attacks – on her attire, her desire, her fire,
Setbacks – of a victory they cannot fathom,
Drawbacks – of a rebellion that does aspire
to let the truth bellow sans doubt, with clout –
the truth that her body is hers to employ,
her choice is hers to deploy despite the ploy
that seeks to build a pyre for her dreams
and draw laughter from her screams:
They say the world does not need feminism!

Finality – this fight is for the forerunners,
Vitality – this light is for the present warriors,
Equality – this might is for the successors
who will sing the songs of our verve
whose nerve is annihilating the spirit
of those who serve the overlords of inequality,
and even if we are forgotten, it does not matter
as long as our sisters rise as one – together:
They say the world does not need feminism!

They say the world does not need feminism:
Of course, they would; Of course, they do.
Equality is not a slave to scepticism:
We shall continue this fight for our cause is true.

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