Hello my name is Shraddha dabral. I’m 16 and I’m living in a time where almost everything takes place online.

  • From making friends to paying bills.
  • From judging people to expressing our thoughts.

One such platform online is YouTube. It takes you to another world. And being an ‘Average’ teenager I spend a fair amount of time on the internet.

But one thing that really bothers me is that channels and influencers that are doing such a great job and are using their position and power to promote the right things aren’t doing as well as the others who do paid promotions ONLY and make content for the sake of making content. I’m privileged to have a platform given to me on a platter and I want to use it to give out the right message and appreciate those who do the same. And that’s why

I’m here to write about one of my favorite group of people, who deserve so much more love and recognition for the work they do.
Team BuzzFeed India.

I flew down to Mumbai on the 18th of May (It was my first time traveling alone) to attend a panel hosted by Rega, Srishti and Shayan.

Me:*cries in pain due to period cramps*
“I can’t do this”.
Friend: “Only15 minutes to go you’ll be fine. Come on you’ve come all the way here to attend this.”
Me: “Alright, let’s go get some water please”.
I walk out of the room to find a group of girls huddled around someone or something. No doubt it’s Shayan.
I look to my right to find Srishti taking a picture with a young girl.
Look straight to find Rega speaking to somebody LOOKING FIRE wearing a t-shirt reading: Akeli, Awara, Azad.
Me: Holy shit, my parents are here.
Friend: what?
Me: Never mind.
Stomach:  what is pain?I had the opportunity to meet these wonderful people in real life, and they were nothing short of amazing, inspiring and did I say amazing?  I had watched a couple of their videos earlier but I discovered my love for this excruciatingly talented bunch sometime around march.( I know I was late, Shu)

” Struggles of having a baby face” had me in tears, and that’s when I knew what channel I would binge after exams. Right after my papers ended I legit finished all their videos over a period of 2 days. Now the thing is, if I like a video or channel I have to show my mom. And if she doesn’t laugh I do get a little upset. (Don’t we all, C’mon) so I introduced my mom to BFI and for the first time in forever, she liked the content I liked.

This edition of the world famous ‘BuzzFeed’ is a must watch. They have quality content which is extremely relatable. (If their videos don’t make you go ‘same bro same’ you’re probably perfect) From hilarious sketches to videos dealing with important subjects such as mental health, anxiety, and well politics they’ve done it all. There’s a bunch of videos that cater to all age groups. Srishti ”Will” make you laugh with her quirky jokes and timing. While watching Shayan on screen can lift up your mood almost instantly. His expressions are on point and bring out the drama queen inside you. I personally love watching Dialogue every Monday, which is hosted by Andre. He talks about different social issues plaguing our very ”advanced” society. They have new videos every Tuesday and Thursday (Also Monday and sometimes even Saturday?) *consistency is the key*.

Now a lot of you have argued that there are many other channels that make sketches too, and I completely agree with that. But, content isn’t the only reason I love them. Which brings me to the next part of this article the team.

The fact that they want to bring a change, and create conversation on important issues makes them perfect overall. Srishti and Shayan, apart from being AMAZING actors, have inspired teens across the country to just be themselves, no matter what.

The amazing team working BTS is equally admirable. I know if I’m upset all I need to do is wait for these goofs to reach office and let the magic begin.

If you’re having a bad day, need some motivation or inspiration, want to have a good laugh follow them on Instagram. Their posts and thoughts about feminism, self-love and mental health make you feel like you’re not alone and are extremely empowering. Another reason why I truly adore them is because they don’t promote fake beauty standards and use their position to create the right kind of awareness. They’re definitely one of the few people who keep it real.

Trust me, its positive vibes only. Also a special shout out to the ladies at BuzzFeed India who speak up for women across the country knowingly or unknowingly.

I’m so grateful to be present in a time where women and men are so vocal about their thoughts and experiences and are creating a safe space for the upcoming generation. So thank you Rega, Nirali, Deeksha, Sonia, Arundhati, Aishwarya, Srishti ,Shayan, Akash, Andre, Arshad, Sahil and the entire BFI family for giving me and a lot others something to look forward to every week and every day.

You guys are real stars.

Go follow them and show them lots of love.

Special mention to Nirali for low key helping me edit this and being the sweetest bean on the internet.
P.S: A big thanks to my mom for giving me this space to express my thoughts and opinions without a filter.

Follow BuzzFeed India

Rega Jha (Blessing in Disguise- I live for her tweets)

Shayan Roy (this boi is an angel I swear)

Srishti Dixit (the best there is-Literally.)

Nirali Shah (My Favorite)

Deeksha Bhushan (she bared with my rant about social media and the goa life for over 15 minutes. That requires patience and dedication, it’s a record.)

Andre Borges (legit the only person I’d listen to for over 8 minutes)

Aishwarya Kat (Name someone cooler than her. I’ll wait.)

Sonia Thomas (Motivational Queen)

Akash Iyer ( Wish I could direct even half as good as him)

Arundhati Dahiya (Slays my feed)

Arshad Wahid ( Biryani Ftw)

Sahil Rizwan( Talent ki dukan)

Aranya Johar (Teenage Goddess/Savior )

Also follow me, maybe?

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  • Pari

    I love this so much!
    I personally love them myself and 100% agree that they deserve soo much more recognition than they do. It’s not just about the content, but like you said it’s them as a team.
    Also love the way you’ve written it.
    Lovee <3

  • Vaidehii Gangan

    This is absolutely amaz! Loved the article and how beautiful you have put emotions in words❤️

  • Bani Marathe

    Loved it…loved it…loved it!!!!!!!

  • Sonu Sharma Dabral

    It’s heartening to see youngsters like you encouraging and pushing good, constructive content on social media, much required in this day and age.
    Well composed and coming straight from your heart. Happy to see you have the right role models. Keep them coming . Waiting for more !!!

  • Rv

    This is so niceeeee

  • Rohan Mathew

    the article is amazing and also keep writing

  • Sara

    very well written Shraddha❤️ I loved reading it alot❤️😊

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