Shynel Pinto is an interesting, talented  young woman from Goa. She is a musician and a student. As we move ahead we will try and understand her roots and the heights she would like to reach. Let’s begin with her name, what does her name mean?

“My name doesn’t have a meaning per se ha-ha it’s something my mum came up with to rhyme with my sister’s name, Swizel.” She replied while giving off a soft chuckle.

Oh, that’s interesting, I added. How was her childhood? And where did she spend it?

“I have some really good memories, I grew up here in Goa, Porvorim to be precise. “

Every talented person has a muse to absorb or gather motivation from, what was the influential factor in her life?

“My family has been my biggest inspiration! I’m so grateful for them. My uncle has been my greatest musical influence, at a young age I’ve always had a passion for music, with most of my family members being musicians, they encouraged me to pick up an instrument.” Her eyes sparked as she responded.

In order to understand anyone, you must understand their origin, let’s delve a little deeper into her background  and what profession  she’s looking to take up?

“I’m currently studying Commerce in Sharada Mandir Higher Secondary, I plan on getting into the Business Industry. I come from a family full of musicians, all of us play some instrument or the other, it’s crazy!”

Does passion pay? What are your hobbies and talents? Do you intend on making them your source of income in the future?

“I play ukulele, piano and melodica. I also write music and learn new languages in my free time. I love adventures in the woods and exploring. I intend on becoming a full-time musician one day”

Was music love at first sight or a liking that progressed into sheer talent. When did you first realize that music is calling you?

“Probably after the first time I stepped into a music store, I was around seven and I just felt this weird vibe like I was at home and that inspired me to pick up an instrument and become a musician.”

Any idols that captivate you?
“Dodie Clark is my favourite, she also plays ukulele”

For every high there comes a low, from every low you learn to grow. Any obstacles faced?

“As a musician, I’ve had a lot of criticism come my way. One of the biggest obstacles I’ve had to face in life is learning to deal with this criticism. The thing is sometimes you think,” oh what if they’re right?” Learning to be confident in what I do has been a great learning experience for me.”

Everybody needs something to get through a rough day, any mantra that helps you?

“Live your life to the fullest so that one day when you’re old and eventually look back on your life you say – oh that was satisfactory! That’s my everyday mantra ha-ha”

What is the biggest highlight of you being a musician till now?

“My proudest moment was Independence Day last year when I sang a song I wrote in front of the entire school and was praised for it by all my friends and teachers.”

What remedy would you suggest to all the women out there who are struggling to resuscitate their creativity but are unable to do so because of the responsibilities at hand.

“Your family isn’t living life on your behalf! If you have a passion for something like art, music or comedy, pursue it by all means! Do what makes you happy so that eventually when you look back you won’t have any regrets.”

Do you think it is important for each and every woman to inculcate a hobby and nurture her talent?

“Of course! It’s essential for people to work on hidden talents.”

Any suggestions/advice you’d like to give to your fellow women?

“Keep doing what you do best!”

What do you think of the shenergy and thebitches initiative?

“The initiative is absolutely brilliant!”

How are you planning to participate in it and benefit from it?

“I participated in the Shenergy event this year and it was amazing, my first performance outside school and it’s a great platform to promote talent.”

What according to you are the most important issues/challenges faced by Indian women?

“Sexism, nobody takes women seriously.”

That was the end to our inquisitive interview with the beautiful, young and proficient lady Shynel Pinto.

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