As I continue my journey to find extraordinary ordinary women, I suddenly come across this small yet not so dainty being! She shows me how creativity can really help one grow both mentally and in due course financially too!

Here we have Sarona who is going to answer some of my curiosities.

I start off by asking her to brief me about her and her state of being –  I’m Sarona Robertina D’sa. I grew up in Mapusa , Goa. I used to be cranky and really shy growing up. Ever since I was a kid I loved drawing, painting and especially paper crafts. I used to do decors for school functions or any occasion as a hobby, I loved doing it. The majority of my family members are really creative in their own ways. Like any other kid I had a lot of things I used to be passionate about but crafting was something I could do for hours and not notice the time that passed by.

Interesting and true! You never feel the time pass by when you are engaging in something you love doing. They say ‘’love your work and you will not have to work a single day in your life’’. What a perfect example she is setting for our youth as well as the rest of the generation.

‘’When did you realize you like crafts and about your capabilities to craft so well?’’

At the age of 15, I started making customized cards and displaying them on Instagram. Though it was very off and on when I started but that’s when I fell in love with the art of quilling after taking a break, I got back to it during the month of May 2017 and that’s one of the best decisions I have made.

‘’Where did a petite energy ball like you originate from?’’

I was born and brought up in Goa. I have been here all my life.

I asked her about her educational background and her current educational status then.

I’m currently studying in St. Xavier’s doing my second year of Bachelor in commerce.

‘’With college and your schedule, how long do you spend time developing your crafting/quilling skills?’’

Most of my hobbies revolve around art. I love quilling, crafts, painting, drawing, sculpting, embroidery, etc. I spend most of my days doing this; I can go on for hours and not realize the time that went by.

‘’ Describe a particular subject that behaves like a muse’’

The different flowers I see, that attracts me the most.

‘’Oh! Looks like we have a wild one here!’’ (soft chuckle from both the sides)

‘’Do you think it’s good to have something that makes you different or makes you feel good to do or do you think it behaves like a distraction which in turn does not let you do what you ‘’need’’ to do?’’

I love doing what I do that’s what keeps me going. For me luckily I found what I love to do, and I get to do it every day.

The fact that so many people are inspired and like my work means the world to me. I wake up knowing I have to work, but I enjoy it. If you love what you are doing you won’t just stop, you will get better and better at it every day and if you don’t love it, you will fail. You got to love it, you must have passion.  Your work is a huge part of your life and the only way to keep you satisfied is to do great work. The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

‘’I’m sure you have advice for people who are ready to choose their lives and their paths. What would you say to your readers?’’

Sometimes life is hard, things go wrong, in business, in friendships, in health and all the other ways that life can go wrong. When things get tough, MAKE GOOD ART.

During an adversity, “if you can stay positive in a negative situation, you win”.

The nature of a failure isn’t to tell you who you are. It’s to tell you a way that didn’t work, it’s to educate you, it’s to test you, it will guide you to push yourself forward even when the world is telling you not to. The body has limitation the mind doesn’t.

‘’Wow! Fascination never fails to slap me in the face every time I decide to question the interesting people in my life. I would surely love to know what you considered as you proudest moment till date. When was it that you felt the most content?’’

The proudest moment in doing what I do is when people come up to me and tell me that they are inspired by my work, little kids, teenagers and adults. There is no age limitations to be creative. I have taught kids, senior citizens, specially-abled people. We all have a fire of creativity within ourselves and I love bringing it out from people.

‘’Every person who succeeded in finding the right path towards their goals always has a mantra to be disciplined towards if not anything else. What would you say you think of that drives you the way you live and want to live?’’

As a human, if you want to do something and you have a calling in life, do whatever it takes to get where you want to be, work hard towards your goals, regardless of the situation. Nobody is as important to you as your own hopes and dreams. The process and the success are and will always be two different stories. So work hard now!

‘’Even after countless results of talent being powerful some people still believe for it to be a waste of time. What are your views on talent and encouraging people to sculp their innate diverse skills?’’

It’s important for everyone to inculcate a hobby and nurture a talent.  Natural talent is mostly a myth. Tiger Woods started learning to play golf when he was one year old. Most of what we think of as natural talent is really just the result of having started practice early. You have to practice every day to get better, faster stronger. That’s how you excel every day. To get good at something, you need to love the process.

‘’ How do you stay motivated to keep doing what you love doing and want to get better at?’’

Everyone wants the outcome, but in order to be motivated to work towards it, day in – day out, you have to learn to get some enjoyment out of the process.

‘’I think you’ve heard about us either through me or elsewhere and you may have a brief idea of who we are and what we do. How do you find Shenergy to be as an initiative?’’

I think Shenergy is making a huge difference and giving a good platform for women to come together and work. It’s definitely going to make a huge impact in our state of Goa. It’s a platform that a lot of women will need and should be a part of.

The women backwardness is very clear in the Indian society because of the social issues, problems and lots of restrictions against women. Women who belong to the lower and middle class families suffer more than the women of higher class. Women in the Indian society generally face problems of sex discrimination; Illiteracy, responsible for household works, rape, sexual harassment at workplace, etc are some big issues for the women in India. However, a lot of positive changes has occurred in the women status as the number of educated people are increasing in the country. They have to suffer a lot in their daily life to nourish their career as well as saving their family relationships.

Well that was the end of my interview with the lovely crafty Ms. Sarona and her interesting perceptions towards everything I need her view on.

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