I met this shy endearing young lady at one of the events organized in Goa to celebrate Women’s Day through a common friend. And am I glad that I did ! for this unpretentious young woman is a bundle of talent. It’s a pleasure to see the world through her enchanting eyes quite literally for she shares her vision , the way she sees the world through the lens of her camera.

She comes across as a naïve young girl brimming with innocence but behind her innocent charm lies a steely resolve and sheer will to excel in her chosen field . I have seen that passion in her eyes and a fire in her belly. She’s gifted with an extremely creative mind that can capture the world in it’s essence in a simple photograph !

Presenting Srinidhi Tar whose name literally means money or rather wealth. She is indeed wealthy, blessed with treasures of creativity and artistic flair.
Though she believes that money is essential for survival what she truly values is her family,her well wishers and her passion.
Born and brought up in Duler in Goa, she did her schooling from St.Marys and St.Xaviers college.

She has quite a few feathers in her cap and has done a basic fundamental course in photography, an aesthetic course in photography , a diploma in fashion photography and finally achieved a degree in bachelors in fine art photography from Symbiosis School of Photography in Pune . That’s quite an impressive milieu.

I ask her about how she got drawn into this exciting field.

“ Well as a child I was more interested in painting and art but then I gravitated towards photography as my father who is also an avid photographer would often click my pictures…” she reminiscences fondly.

“ In fact ours is a family of doctors with the exception of my mother who works with LIC”
“ Normally chidren follow into the footesteps of their parents…how were you the odd one out?” I ask curiously.

“ My parents never forced me to become a doctor and allowed me to choose my field. In fact my grandfather too was an ace photographer and had a huge collection of cameras” she reveals.

“ So it runs in the family….even interests and hobbies are genetic I guess”

“ Maybe ” she laughs.

“ Do you remember the first picture you clicked that really inspired you and made you realize that you had it in you?”

“ Oh yes indeed.” She says, the excitement and thrill visible on her charming face.

“ I remember I went to this village called Camurlim. It was an early morning shot of a boat with a pinkish hue in the background (of early sunrise) and to my pleasant surprise, it got published in Herald. It was a moment of triumph for me.”
“ So what kind of pictures do you like to click?”
“ Black and White ”comes the quick response. “Black and White pictures capture the soul of a person or moment.’ She says.An interesting thought indeed.
“I trained under the well known photographer, Prasad Panekar, who encouraged me to take up black and white photography” she explains.

“ I also do a lot of Fine art photography”
“ I honestly didn’t know there were these many different kinds and types of photography” I express my ignorance eliciting a giggle from her.
“ Are you planning to make your hobby your paycheck in the future?”
“ Photography is not just a hobby for me anymore it’s my career. It’s tough for photographers to earn much but I do it for the creative satisfaction.” She’s got her fundas clear and I really admire her honesty.
“How do u feel when u have the camera in your hand?”
“It’s the best feeling. I get to show people what I see”

“ To me, the world and art of photography is to capture emotions, feelings and moments and share it with the world. I master the art when I am capable of awaking emotion in other people through my images.” She lets her passion speak for her.

“ Any word of advice that you would like to give to other women who want to step into this field?” I ask .
I’m all ears as she doles out wise and practical advise gained over years of experience.
“ If anybody has talent to click creative pictures with a creative perspective then surely photography is open for them .It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, it’s your talent that speaks for you .’’

“Photography looks easy but it is not so, it takes a lot of hard work, patience , endurance , passion , creative approach and a lot of time to get a perfect shot.” She spells out what it takes to excel in the field.

Has she ever faced any problems owing to her gender? I’m keen to know the gender dynamics at play here.

“ Yes sometimes. When you look for jobs, employers are more keen on hiring men and you keep getting asked if you can travel around and do odd times. So that is a constraint.”

And then I pose a hypothetical but interesting question. “ Given a chance who would you like to capture through your lens , anyone living or from the past”

In a wink she has her answer ready!

“ The person whom I would love to capture through my lens is Lil Broncho Hellen Keller .”

My curiosity is piqued and I ask her to elaborate on why she chose this particular personality.
“She was a American educator ,journalist , activist . The one fact I love about her is that she overcame all the adversity and hardships of being blind and deaf and went on to become a leading humanitarian.”

“ Most importantly she set out to learn about the world and to improve the lives of other people around her . I would like to capture her because of her simplicity and confidence . She is the picture of a strong woman , inspite of being disabled she had the courage and power to make a statement .”

I applaud her answer concurring with her perfect choice. And she moves on to the next part of the question,.

“ I would also like to capture people who are around me and those who inspire me on a daily basis.”

What are your other interests apart from photography?

“ I also love to travel and find new places on my own and love reading too” she adds.

Her final words for women/girls?

“ It takes real guts to follow your dreams and passion . You should choose a career which can give you satisfaction and happiness .All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them .Be brave.”

With these words of profound wisdom we draw an end to another fascinating interview.

Email: sriinidhi.tar16@ssp.ac.in

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