‘Jigyasa’, her name means curiosity.

One look at this charming, petite, stylish and soft spoken girl and you are curious to know more about her.She completely bowls you over with her pleasant and enigmatic smile.

Always the diva she is dressed up tastefully in sync with the latest fashion trends. So has she always been attracted to clothes??”

“I loved playing dress up as a child and haven’t stopped since.” she smiles, the dimples in her cheeks accentuating her pretty face.

“ In fact all my friends and family come to me for advice on what to wear and I help them choose their outfits” she reveals with a hint of pride.

I ask her where she gets the inspiration to design her clothes from and she reveals,

“I gain inspiration from everything I see right, from fashion magazines to even the streets. “

“Do you intend to make your interest in fashion your paycheck ?When did you realize that you could take up your passion to a serious level??”

“I loved fashion from the very beginning and took it seriously only recently when I decided to start my own fashion blog. I’m currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Mass communication from St. Xavier’s College and would love to take up my hobby as a career maybe as a fashion stylist. I want to pursue a course in styling from the PEARL Academy in Mumbai.. ”.

“ Can you share your beliefs and your future goals with us?”

“I believe the streets are my runway and I want to inspire people with my styling and also help them style themselves better.”

comes the beautiful and confident reply from the very talented and focused youngster.

“ What advice can you give to young girls and women on how they can look good and fashionable?”

“My advice to all the girls and women would be that instead of blindly following each and every new trend find your own personal style and dress depending on your body type and dress comfortable.” She says in all seriousness.

It’s heartening to see such depth in someone so young.

“ What would be Jigyasa’s style? “

“My personal style would be more of bohemian inspired clothing. Bohemian – gypsy, free spirited clothing which takes you to a Goa state of mind and that is exactly what my fashion blog is called – ” The Bohospiration” like bohemian inspiration.

On quizzing her on who she would like to dress up , a living person or someone from mythology or history, pat comes the reply, “ The gypsies or the hippies as I believe in the free spirited bohemian style”.

Adversities and hardships are our greatest teachers and guides. It’s often the hardest of times that lead us to inspiration and realization bringing out the best in us. And that’s exactly what happened with Jigyasa. It was after she met with a terrible accident last year that she connected with herself and instead of letting the incident break her it set her on to the path of self realization and her Blogs were born.

She shares the traumatic and inspiring incident with us.

“ I was on the bike and slipped and was badly wounded. When I got back home and saw my face in the mirror I was shattered. I had stitches on my face , in my mouth and horrible bruises all over my face.”

But though the accident broke her body it couldn’t break her spirits. It was a moment of reckoning for her.

“ I realized that a moment ago you are a pretty face and high on your beauty and the next moment life can take everything away from you.”
That must have been very scary.

“Yes it was, I thought I would never recover and would remain scarred for ever. I went into depression and left Goa to stay with my Grandmom.”

“ Could you feel yourself in the shoes of those who feel they are not beautiful by the standards of the society and how important is our need to look good from outside irrespective of however beautiful on the inside one may be from within?”

“ Yes. I thought I had lost my good looks and it was the end of the world but that’s not true at all. There’s so much more to a person than a pretty face.”

Pearls of wisdom rolling out from this beautiful girl, both outside and within.

“ But time heals everything. I slowly began to recover but my lips were still badly swollen and I was still not as confident as I was before the accident”

The worst of storms too pass away with time. All one needs is strength and patience to survive through it.

“ And that’s when I realized that looks aren’t everything and decided to start a blog to regain my lost confidence. I wanted to show the world what else I had to offer. So I started giving styling tips, and writing a travel and food blog” She says wisened beyond her years.

The blogs were a vent to her pent up emotions. Jigyasa learnt to channelize her pain and suffering into something so beautiful and constructive.

“Do you have any other interests apart from fashion?”

“Apart from fashion I also have a knack for photography and love traveling and exploring new places. “

“ If traveling was free you would never see me again” is the quote I live by, she giggles like a child.

“ What’s been your best travel experience so far?”

“ Recently I went on a trip to ladhak with my friends and it was one of the most amazing time of my life. I’ve written about it in my travel blog”
I make a note to read it.

“I also love trying out food joints around goa. I also write food reviews sometimes.” She chuckles.

“ Is that all?” I laugh and she joins in.

“  Jigyasa I have observed that there is a whole bunch of talented and spirited youngsters like you out there who want to do so much, but their wings are clipped by their parents for all these pursuits are seen as affecting their studies and well ‘ a serious career prospect’ Did you have to face any resistance from your family too?”

“ No thankfully,my family supports me in everything I do.” She says gratefully and shares her thoughts on this sensitive issue.

“ I don’t feel studies are everything, parents should in fact persuade their children to cultivate more skills and gain practical knowledge rather than just study.” She says ironing out the creases in her hair,deep in thought.

“ What do you think of shenergy.in?”

“I feel women all over of all age groups have a lot of talent and they just need the right platform to showcase it and shenergy.in according to me is the perfect place for all women and girls to create an image for themselves.

“ What will be your contribution at thebitches ?”

“I will be writing a fashion blog that will help women and girls style themselves better as well as a travel blog. I would like to invite you all to share my journeys and travel with me” she says with an inviting and merry twinkle in her eyes before signing off.


Email: thebohospiration@gmail.com

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