So what is platform?

I look at women around me playing out myriad roles of mothers, earners, caregivers, homemakers  busy as bees and  yet with a palpable restlessness , as if  searching for something, trying to fill some void. There are many women I know of who suffer from inexplicable bouts of anxiety and depression …a sense of worthlessness…

Our Brood….

Some hands on mothers of toddlers with no time to spare, others with less taxing motherly duties their children all grown up, women filling in their free time attending kitties or doing social work, strong independent women, hormonally volatile adolescents at the verge of youth and even those with the tell tale silver hair a sign of wisdom and times gone by.

Our Brood, homemakers, professionals, students ,rich, poor, independent , modern, conservative, shy, bold, wild, meek, mature, childish, achievers, self doubting – women transcending the divides of status ,age and circumstances .

How similar do you think are the lives of a high flying Corporate and a maid who works at her house? As alike as chalk and charcoal…right?

Oops! Nope…you’ll be surprised that if we scratch the surface and dig just a little deeper, at the core we women are not so different from one another. We share the same problems, dilemmas, dogmas and have to put up with similar crap.

So, who better to turn to or seek advice from than our own ‘brood’, our ‘go to people’, friends who understand us perfectly @

Most of us are simply sleepwalking through our lives. Somewhere in this mechanical existence we have left behind skills and passions long forgotten, a sitar or harmonium gathering dust in the store, easel and paints longing for a second glance, melodies waiting to be sung, poems begging for an audience, ghungroos that can’t wait to feel the rhythm again….

Each one of us however ordinary in our own eyes has extraordinary talents lying dormant, hidden somewhere inside us. There are some amongst us who are excellent cooks, others great at décor while some can create magic out of old bottles. How fulfilling would it be if we could make our hobby and interest our paycheck?

But most of don’t know how or where to start.

This is where we as a brood can pitch in and help promote each other

I have a friend who is an excellent singer and she keeps posting her live videos on Facebook and Whatsapp. That set me thinking-Why does a  passionate chef share her recipes, , an ardent gardener share pics of her breathtaking blossoms, or the fashionista show off her latest creation on Facebook?

Cause we all crave recognition in some form or other, happiness is in sharing, applause from the audience is the fuel that gets a creative person going. And @shenergy we join the fun and encourage each other to achieve greater heights.

Spotlight On

In this section we focus the spotlight on extraordinary ordinary women who are achievers in their own right,

Women we come across in our daily lives who are gifted with unique talents, creativity, strength and determination. Women who brave all odds and dare to follow their dreams. Homemakers and entrepreneurs alike whose interesting and inspiring stories motivate us.

We shall also profile young adolescent women. It is a pleasure to see so many young women some barely in their teens taking up their passions zealously. Their confidence and grit is commendable and something to learn from. Some with their own design labels, others honing their baking skills… budding entrepreneurs who are just spreading their wings. More power to these gutsy little women.

We present to you a slice from each of their extraordinary ordinary lives, their struggles and success, hopes and fears, dreams and failures glimpses into their unique world in the hope that we may come out richer and wiser of the experience.

Let’s hear their stories and know them like no one has ever known them before, varied shades and facets of their lives that make them who they are.
Action. Camera. Roll.

On the Shenergy Platter

@ The Shenergy Bazaar women can enlist their products and services for FREE getting visibility and networking with customers.

Our Social Media platforms are equally vibrant and allow women to express themselves, showcase their talents and products and connect with the community pan India. is complemented by an assortment of offline and online Contests, Workshops, Events and Exhibitions.

Our pop up Events, Workshops such as the one on Mental wellness, Law Of Attraction, Our Unique Fashion Show, “ The Beauty and The Feast” , Our regular Meet n Mingles and offline and offline contests have got a huge response !

For instance our Super Mom recipe contest polled in more than 6000 votes and had participants from a human right’s lawyer in Kashmir to a domestic servant in Goa ! We are in the middle of our next Traditional and Regional Recipe contest.

Selected recipes will be compiled into a Recipe Book with multiple co-authors bringing in their distinct flavours. women with common interests and hobbies bond ,connect and even form groups offline. For instance some of our members who share the love for trekking connected through this initiative and took off !

Through our various activities we aim at helping women initiate into entrepreneurship and make their passions their paychecks and to promote those who are already doing it.

It is such a platform that endeavors to provide.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step….we take a baby step putting our best foot forward.

We dare to walk the path, hand in hand for those who dream dare and those who dare achieve.

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