Meet The Founder

Most of you would be wondering who the founder of is.

So who am I? The day I crack this question, I’ll have attained nirvana.

I can therefore only make a humble attempt to introduce myself along the expected lines. Here’s my resume in a nutshell.

My name is Sonu ( No it doesn’t have a meaning really but my parents say that it is a spinoff from the word ‘Sona’ which could mean anything from ‘gold’ to ‘likeable’. Honestly I have my doubts).

My credentials for founding are that I have an experience of more than forty years in dealing with thebitches (Beautiful Intelligent Talented Careerpersons and Homemakers)! That kinda makes me a pro of sorts. Well, I’m a shade above forty you know.

The next question in line is ‘Where do I belong to’?

Now, that’s a really tricky one. Being an Army Brat I’ve extensively spent my childhood and growing up years in places as diverse as Dharangdhara to Siliguri. So instead of belonging or being rooted to any one place, I carry the culture and flavor of each place within my heart. An Indian is the closest identity I have. The beautiful, culturally vibrant and creative haven,Goa,is my current home.

Photo Credits: Manish Jaju

I’ve always been a story maker and a story teller right from the time I could imagine , and have come a long way from fairy tales to thrillers to narrating the exciting and colourful stories of Life!

Coming to my Education, Qualifications, and Achievements.

I did my Majors in Human Resources In M.B.A and life comes a full circle as it is ultimately the human bonds that I am exploring.

I also have a B.ed degree. I was running an Institute in NOIDA called Six Sigma Student Development And Support Center and thought that I should have a degree in the education field as well.

I’ve also done a certified course in publishing from N.B.T ( National Book Trust).

These are some of the formal qualifications I have, which to be honest I didn’t make much use of professionally, though the knowledge gained from them enhanced my horizons and outlook tremendously.

From being an Educator, having run an Institute in NOIDA, to freelancing as a translator, working for a website, teaching both at the institute and at school ,to handling a real estate project and doing interiors, my journey has been quite an adventurous one.

I’ve also authored two novels, Phantom of The Raymond Villa and Mystery of The Kungfu Panda, as part of a mystery series for Indian kids ’The Kool Five’.

Two of my short stories, “ Casa Gloria” and “ The Divine Quest” were selected as part of the competition organized by fundacao oriente for two consequetive years and published as an anthology of short stories in ‘ Coconut Fronds’ and Monsoon winds’.

I also conduct author interactions and creative workshops.

My high point as a writer was getting the soft launch of my books done at the hands of my childhood hero, Mr. Ruskin Bond, to this date I have to pinch myself to believe he actually did the honours.

And the next defining moment was when Shri. Bharat Vir Wanchoo,( the ex Governor of Goa) an extremely erudite an amazing person launched my books as well.

Smt. Mridula Sinha( the current Governor of Goa), a writer par excellence and witty beyond words launched the anthology of short stories. A memory I hold very close to my heart.

I am a serial entrepreneur who has never been limited by the boundaries of qualifications or current profession being pursued. I grab at every opportunity that interests me. A restless soul I keep hopping genres as I like to take up new challenges. Also I have this urge to learn new skills and to grow in life both as a professional and as a person.

I believe that there are two kinds of people in this world. The ‘Doers‘ and the ‘ Dreamers‘. Doers are also dreamers but they punch in that extra effort and will to transform their dreams into reality. I am somewhere in between, a ‘trishanku’ of sorts who has a dream in thebitches , a passion for life and who is trying to do something about it :)I

Phew! That was tough and hardly a fraction of what I am or what I think or do.

Through my writings on and the thoughts that I share in my blogs,I shall unravel the many facets and layers that make me who I am and in the process I might just discover myself too!

I invite you to join me in this very new and exciting journey that I am embarking upon. The journey I promise is as worthy as the destination. Welcome aboard.

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