Sadhana Roy is officially a star now and I’m here for it.

On the 14th of July, in a fast-paced city like Mumbai a little magic happened. Shayan Roy, video producer at Buzzfeed India hosted a meet and greet at Grandmamas café, not for himself but for his 89-year-old grandmother, Sadhana Roy. To give you a little background his grandma has been a hit ever since he first featured her on his Instagram stories. From singing Drake songs, to playing fruit ninja on camera, she has made a very special place for herself in our Buzzfeed fanmily. *

*You see what I did there?

More than 30 people showed up to express their love and admiration for her amazing energy and enthusiasm, wholesome smile and her talent to be able to make anything sound 10 times cuter than it was. Everyone was beaming, cheering and clapping. Their hearts were filled with excitement and anticipation.

The meet was a surprise for her but Shayan told her what was happening right before she entered the café so when she walked in, holding her grandsons’ hand tightly and nervously she was taken aback by the number of people rooting for her and throwing occasional ‘’AWW’S. The sight was a true delight to watch.

Everyone lined up and waited for their turn to click pictures and talk to her. Also, Shayan. But mainly her. She was excited to talk to all of them and wanted to know where they were from! Shayan played the role of being the designated translator that day and honestly it was super fun to watch him translate all their names to Bengali and even struggle in between, asking his parents for help.

Rega and Srishti made a little guest appearance in between making all the Buzzfeed India enthusiasts extremely happy.

It was an event filled with positivity and even a little crying- happy tears only:’)

I reached out to Shayan and asked him why he wanted to do this, and his reply was the sweetest. ‘’ I did it because my grandma isn’t on the internet, so she doesn’t understand how popular she is with my followers, and how cute they think she is. So, I figured it was the best way for her to experience that. Also, she has left for Kolkata to live with my dad’s brother for a few months and I miss her already. I wanted to give some joy back to her before she left, for all the joy she’s given me and the people on my Instagram:”) ‘’ yep, I cried after reading this.

I managed to get my hands on some pictures, here they are so you can feel all warm and fuzzy like I did.

The smile on her face was truly precious and the happiness on her grandson’s face was equally blissful.

Overall it was the most wholesome thing on the internet that day and I wish I could’ve attended.

Shout out to Palak and Hiba (@Shayan.BuzzFeed) for keeping me updated and being very supportive.

And a big thank you to Shayan for being super patient and kind. I was very stressed for the past few days due to exams and school work and was unable to upload this earlier which added to the stress. But this lovely human being said that its okay and asked me to take it easy. He answered all my doubts and questions without blocking me, yay. And took the efforts of sending me all the videos. I lived the event through these videos, so THANKS AGAIN. You’re a star!


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  • Reyham

    Very Nice Shraddha!!😸❤💖

  • Palak.T

    I attended the meet and greet and I truly relived every moment while I was reading the article! Making someone feel nostalgic with your article and writing about a meet and greet you did not attend, but only see it on social media is truly an art and you’re very good at it, Shraddha! Can’t wait to read many more articles from you!

  • Palak.T

    I attended the meet and greet and I have to say, I relived every moment while I was reading your article!
    Making someone experience an event (that you did not attend, whuttt!) is an art indeed and you’re very good at it, Shraddha! Keep writing! Can’t wait to read more articles from you!

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  • Ankita

    I don’t know why.. but I cried.. it’s so touchy.. i don’t know.. it’s just. I love this.. 😘😘

  • Smriti Gautam

    Lovely article shradha!! 🙂

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