How can I benefit from being a part of

By being a part of you get to explore and showcase your talents and creativity.The recognition, satisfaction and feeling of self worth cannot be quantified in terms of money.
Often we women feel a void,something lacking in our lives even though we may be busy with home and family or even our professions. And even when we have spare time,shopping sprees or kitty parties or gossiping fail to satisfy us after a while. We start looking for a sense of purpose and direction which can only come when we are engaged in doing something constructive. provides you with just that.

If you are planning to start a venture or are already an entrepreneur you can promote yourself and gain visibility and recognition.If you are a designer or make up artist for example and are doing a fashion or beauty blog or if you are a caterer and share your signature recipes,people get to know about you and your set up and your talent. They can then contact you at the email or phone number that shall be provided . Remember you get a captive women audience.

You get to connect and network with other like minded women and be a part of local offline groups and go trekking or hold poetry sessions or become a member of the bakers club.

People in similar or complementing professions can team up.For example a baker, a lunch dubba supplier and a masala supplier can pool in resources, share rent and other costs and do a joint venture.So the expenses and risks get shared!

Similarly,talented but not yet known photographers, sculptors and painters can team up and hold exhibitions wherein they can pool in resources and have the advantage of multiple marketing and footfalls!

All of this facilitated by of course.

You can also volunteer and be a part of our social awareness programs where we shall work towards empowering our less fortunate women counterparts and take up different social issues and strive to provide employment and means of augmenting their incomes. You can also participate in the different workshops. There is no greater satisfaction than in the joy of giving…whether it is time or efforts or money. I speak out of personal experience.

You can share your life experiences and motivate countless women and in turn get inspired and learn from the lives of others and their struggles.

Last but not the least you become a member of the brood where we do what we are best at…B bond. Interact. Talk. Cooperate. Help and Heal.

All this shall happen eventually,very gradually,but surely. There shall be no instant or quick results.Any new idea specially one that entails such vast networking needs time and patience. So we must keep the faith in ourselves and the spirit behind and pitch in and focus on building our community first. Once we have the strength of numbers we can set upon translating our vision and dream into our reality.

How do I or my work get promoted and marketed ?

1.The website shall be promoted online as well as offline through all the usual channels.
2.When anyone visits the website ( they comment on and like your posts, articles, blogs or videos and also share them on their facebook and Instagram pages respectively. Similarly their friends on facebook further share your posts and also visit So you get eyeballs from visitors on the site as well as through shares.

All those who are publishing anything on are requested to please like and share any posts of their liking , we need to encourage and promote each other keeping with the spirit of our platform.

3.You and your work get visibility and your brands/ business get promoted on the website in form of your interviews and blogs. Also people interested in your brand/service can directly contact you on your phone or email that shall be provided.

If you are a designer or make up artist for instance, you can do a Fashion and Beauty Blog or if you are a Caterer you can share your signature recipes. This way people get to know about you, your talent and your set up whether it’s a boutique or Restaurant. If you are a nutritionist or healer you can also hold workshops. Remember, you get a captive women audience.

4.You also get promoted when you take part in online and offline Events, Contests and Workshops that will be organized from time to time.

Talented photographers, sculptors and painters can team up and hold exhibitions wherein they can pool in resources and have the advantage of multiple marketing and footfalls!

All of this facilitated by of course.

Also wishes to publish books with contributions from poems and stories published with us.

How can I send my submissions and start a blog?

You can send your write-ups, pictures, videos or other content on the email id We shall go through it and suggest if any editing needs to be done so that it confirms to our policy and standards. Once finalized we shall upload it for you initially and later you can keep updating it yourself.

Can I publish the work I publish on elsewhere as well?

The copyright of your content remains with you. You can use it elsewhere online provided you mention that it was first published as google discourages duplicity of material. You can also publish your work offline without any issues.

I already have an existing blog. Can I use the same content

We encourage original works at our platform and discourage duplicating of content. So the best way to go about it is to publish your original content and mention that you also blog at your blog xyz. Similarly in your blog xyz mention that you also blog at This way you get a two way traffic.
You can also post a paragraph, perhaps the first few lines of your content (from your existing blog or website) and give a link to read more which will direct the readers to your blog or website.
You can also use parts of the content from your other blog or present it in a different manner.You can contact us for further clarity in this respect.

Strict comment policy

In line with the philosophy of of encouraging and motivating each other ,only positive and constructive feedback is allowed. Strictly no vicious, derogatory or negative comments on this platform please. Any offensive comments shall be taken off immediately and the defaulter blocked without any notice.

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