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Invitation To Judge

Terms and Conditions

Shenergy proudly announces its 1st Contest for the FOOD LOVERS!

Here are some of the basic rules.

Theme – Healthy Tiffin Bites

  1. Should not be a THIN GRAVY item
  2. You should mention the ingredients? very clearly
  3. Measurements of each item should be clearly mentioned. Without this, the recipe cannot be included in the submission list
  4. Each submission will be accompanied with:
    1. A picture of you
    2. Your simple biography ( a paragraph about you), which shall be published along with your recipe
    3. A detailed recipe
    4. A picture of your dish
  5. The dish must be HEALTHY. You can have a junk food, with a healthy twist as well. But pure junk food (fries, chocolates etc.) cannot be considered.
  6. Each person can submit two recipes.
  7. To submit your recipes please send them at on or before 2nd December

The best recipes will be shortlisted on the basis of the COMMENTS and LIKES on the Website.

Each recipe gets and then the final entries will then be judged by an esteemed panel of judges.

So SHARE your entry (recipe) on your Facebook page and on the Facebook group/ page of and on other social media and get as many likes and shares or votes for your recipe to make it to the winning list.


The SHENERGY team plans to publish a book of all the good recipes. The proceeds from the sale of this book will be given for charity to support the cause of Clean Drinking Water.

So ladies, come ahead and join your hands to support a noble cause!

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