We recently concluded a very shenergising Meet n Mingle at I love Bell Bottoms, a venue that is as rocking as it’s name!!

We met and made new friends , bonding over interesting stories like the one narrated by Ms. Christina Fernandes of her decades old love story! Anupama Conso conducted the very solemn burning bowl ceremony helping us rid ourselves of the failures, disappointments and suffering of the past year and ushering in all that’s good and positive in 2018.

Nishita Tambe introduced us to the ancient science of rhythmic breathing while our nightingale Sonia Chauhan and Ayesha Pathan popular as Retro Ayesha regaled us with their mesmerizing songs as we all joined in an impromptu antakshri !
(Sonia finally came out of her shell and gained the confidence to showcase her talent that was lying hidden and dormant all this while.)

Centina rocked the dance floor with her Zumba moves as we all joined in as she gained the confidence to come out of her exile after a shattering accident. She’s already got offers to take Zumba classes on the spot!

Mariam, the chirpy butterfly strummed the guitar while our dance queen Ballu sizzled the dance floor and Bani Marathe recited her captivating soulful poetry.

But it was the little princess Kia who won our hearts the most that day with her beautiful rendition of her thoughts on women empowerment!!

And then there was the after party at the rocking mini disco at I love Bell Bottoms ! A most remarkable place with awesome staff.

It was amazing to see so much talent,so much positive energy and good vibes under one roof!

It was she-energy at it’s best.

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