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We’d love to have you onboard  and will be delighted to interview you and publish your content @shenergy.in.

If you are planning to start a venture or are already an entrepreneur you can promote yourself and gain visibility and recognition @shenergy.in

Here’s how.

You can contribute to this unique platform by:

  1. Visiting the site and liking, sharing and commenting on the blogs and posts and spreading the word around to help our community grow.
  2. Taking an active part in and volunteering for the different social causes that will be an integral part of the initiative.
  3. Blogging in any of the categories and sharing the inspiring story of your life. You can share your life experiences and motivate countless women and in turn get inspired and learn from the lives of others and their struggles.
  4.  Participate in offline and online contests, events, exhibitions and workshops which will be a regular feature and shall be announced from time to time, such as speakeasies, cooking contests, fashion shows featuring extraordinary ordinary women like you and me, pop-ups, painting and photography exhibitions etc.
  5. Last but not the least you can contribute by becoming a member of the brood where we do what we are best at…Bond. Interact. Talk. Cooperate. Help and heal..ing

For Submissions On The Blog

1. Submitting Content

To become a contributor you can submit your content to the administrator and after verifying your articles, they will be published on the website.

All you need to do is send an email with the content at contact@shenergy.in

2. Bazaar

The Bazaar is a unique space where you can :

Display your products and sell them of course! Paintings, artefacts, sculptures, photographs, clothes and accessories, natural soaps, candles, bakery products, pickles, hand made masalas, pretty much anything and everything.

List your services Interior decorators, tuition teachers, consultants, beauticians, editors caterers, consultants or doctors etc.

3. Main Blog categories:


You could publish your blog on Food / Cooking / Baking.Most of us cook at home at some time or the other.

All you have to do is click pictures of the dish at various stages, a recipe and a list of the ingredients. You can add spice to your blog by mentioning the health benefits of the ingredients, where the dish comes from or your personal memories attached to the dish for example your grandmas gujhias. You can also give some handy cooking tips.


You can publish your stories, poems, articles, diaries, share your thoughts and opinions on issues, reflections on life or funny anecdotes. It’s more fun to have an audience to read your write ups rather than that they gather dust in some old diary.

Health/ Fitness/ Wellness

Those into yoga can talk about different asanas their benefits post pics/videos of them.Or else you can talk about the latest super foods/healthy foods/ vegan or detox diets etc. or the Do’s and Don’ts for holistic well being.

You could take up a health issue like diabetes and how it can be managed  from your own experience, which will be immensely beneficial for others.

Entertainment/ Music/ Songs/ Dubsmashes / Film reviews

  • If you are a movie buff you could have a Movie Review Blog and give your own take on a film and whether it’s worth spending the time and money to watch the movie.
  • Post videos of your songs/music whether you are a professional or amateur.
  • If you are good at dubsmashes or musically, post videos of your best ones and make others laugh and see your talent
  • If you can’t sing or play an instrument but have a good ear for music make a list of the best songs of yesteryears ( maybe Kishore Kumar songs) or the latest item numbers and run it like a countdown ….add bits of interesting trivia about the song, singers, some gossip ,stories attached with the movie etc.
  • If you are good at dancing you can post your dance videos or teach dance steps or talk about different dance forms.
  • If humor is your forte and you think you can be a good stand up comedian well go for it. Or maybe publish a list of the funniest jokes.
  • Publish a list of best/funniest/ motivational quotes.

Travel/ Recommendations/Reviews)

If you are bitten by the travel bug do share your experiences, talk about the must visit places, 10 places to see before you die kind of thing.Give tips on how to get ready for a long journey, (do’s and don’ts.)

Give your reviews and recommendations on hotels/ travel accommodations and rate restaurants.

You could talk about the most happening events coming up in your city such as women biking or trekking events or talk about the best destinations for women backpackers.

DIY/Art/ Craft/ Recycling/Upcycling/Gardening

You can post pics and videos on Do It Yourself.

If you are the creative kind teach origami, how to make best out of waste, upcycle, recycle, or tips on making portraits etc.

How to have your own kitchen garden, gardening tips , how to make a bonsai etc.


You can talk about parenting, how to handle tantrums, teen issues, how to make a marriage work, relationship issues, mid life crisis, onset of menopause etc.


You could discuss the benefits of Meditation, or astrology or ask questions and give answers on philosophy , discuss life and beyond …your very own soul curry!

Fashion / Beauty

If you are a fashionista, a designer or the kind who makes heads turn with the impeccable make up write a Fashion/Beauty Blog ,you can give useful tips on glamming up and the latest trends in fashion or write about the natural cosmetics in our kitchens !

Home décor/ Vaastu/ Feng shui

You can give ideas on how to utilize space, groovy ideas to make your space look happening, post pictures of dream homes, give feng shui and vaastu tips or ideas on themes and colours for each room. If you are a vaastu and feng shui expert do share your valuable tips for a happy, peaceful living.

Become a journalist!

If you know of any women who are doing anything unique and remarkable , even something as simple as someone running a small bakery or a chai stall but who is great at her job do a candid interview with her and we shall publish it!

These are just suggestions, you can definitely do a lot more, It’s Your canvas, paint it the way you want!

Things we’ve envisaged shall happen very gradually, but surely. There can be no instant or quick results. Any new idea specially one that entails such vast networking needs time and patience. So we must keep the faith in ourselves and the spirit behind shenergy.in and pitch in and focus on building our community first. Once we have the strength of numbers we can set upon translating our vision and dream into our reality.

Be a part of this unique journey with us.

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