‘Spotlight On’ – Rupa Batra

Dr.Rupa Batra, a picture of grace and poise ,an authority on Vaastu and the effect it has on our lives, a doting mother who exudes warmth and charm and who shines with inner beauty like ‘ [...]


‘Spotlight On’ – Nasya Pereira

Today’s spotlight is on Nasya Pereira who is an extremely talented and multi faceted persona from Anjuna, Goa. She’s a social influencer and her core talents consist of digital artwork and [...]


‘Spotlight On’- Rohini Diniz

Rohini Cardoso Diniz. Nutritionist, Author and Writer.   This soft-spoken, charming lady is a powerhouse of knowledge and wins you over with her easy and simple demeanor. She is packed with wise [...]


‘Spotlight On’- Laiqah Khan

Laiqah- BORN TO BE CREATIVE. This gutsy, charming, confident, multi-talented young lady is best described by what her name means- Laiqah- Arabic for elegance and perseverance. She’s definitely [...]

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