Water & Weight Loss

One of the most common expression used as cliché most of the time is “Water is life”. It surely is!! This substance makes up a majority of your body weight and is involved in many important [...]


Nutrition & Skin Care

Most of us are born with healthy, supple skin. However, as we age our skin loses its glow and becomes less able to cope with everyday wear and tear. The great news is that although good skin is [...]


Summer Love

With the onset of summer the one thing I love is the King of fruits......Mango! Just the name itself makes my mouth water. Not only the ripe juicy mangoes but also the unripe green sour mangoes....


The Nutrition Challenge For Women

Women in general are so busy caring for their families that they have little or no time to care for themselves. They try and feed others - their husbands, in-laws, children and friends by cooking [...]


‘Spotlight On’ – Neelima Kumar

Her name Neelima means ‘mother universe’. And just like the vast universe this successful doctor cum counsellor cum spiritual healer is a universe of talents and knowledge unto herself, a [...]


‘Spotlight On’- Nishita Tambe

“Grace personified , cultural ambassador, teacher, yoga coach, strong of will, on a quest for knowledge yet at peace with her inner self , “ Your host sonu dabral presenting Nishita tambe. I [...]