Fashion Update

Want to keep it trendy but confused what to wear to wear this summer? Worry no more because I’ve got you covered. Rompers are definitely trending this season and what better than a denim [...]


DO Brands maketh YOU?

The Big Brand Race I’m not brand dead just brand unconscious. Sorry, that makes terrible nonsense! But what doesn’t make any more sense is the fixation almost obsession with brands especially [...]


Fashion Blog By Maya

Maya Kalsi has a distinctive style. Here’s what she has to say !!! Growing up in a multi cultural community, with people and designers from all over the world, I have developed a unique [...]

‘Spotlight On’- Nidhi Tar

I met this shy endearing young lady at one of the events organized in Goa to celebrate Women’s Day through a common friend. And am I glad that I did ! for this unpretentious young woman is a [...]


‘Spotlight On’- Maya Kalsi

Actress/Model/Theater Artist/ Passionate Cook. A Beautiful Enchanting Illusion. Maya. This feisty ethereal beauty has a free spirit that is both alluring and endearing.  She has the innocent [...]